Plugin devel - registering a handler for xmpp iq - not working

Arne König arne.ko at
Wed Nov 19 18:00:35 EST 2008

Hello Michal.

Michal Witkowski schrieb:
> > [...]
> > Is it possible to call such deep-down protocol methods from inside a
plugin? I wanted to
> > use the "jabber-receiving-xmlnode" signal, however then the internal
iq.c code will return
> > feature-not-implemented to the sender, which violates the draft
specification. Anyone could
> > help me out on this one, please?
> > [...]

You can use "jabber-receiving-xmlnode". Setting the xmlnode to NULL
(without freeing it) will keep Pidgin from handling the stanza itself.
It will generate warning output, though.

static void on_xmlnode_received(PurpleConnection *gc, xmlnode **packet) {
   *packet = NULL;

Kind Regards,

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