Facebook in Pidgin

John Bailey rekkanoryo at rekkanoryo.org
Sat Nov 22 20:48:47 EST 2008

Stephen Eilert wrote:
> Competitive advantage? Business? "Premium features"? This is an
> open-source project, for crissake! Who cares about that?

Thank you for actually seeing a point that so few ever do.

> There's one thing I don't get in this whole discussion. What's
> preventing anyone from writing said Facebook plugin? I see a lot of
> wasted time here, time that could be used to write a working plugin,
> even if it is a crappy, unreliable, screen-scraping one.

It has already been written.  It's known to be unstable.  Mark's original post
in this thread included his modified version of the plugin which is apparently
more stable and has a bunch of stylistic improvements.

> Now, if the whole discussion is about including it by default in Pidgin,
> then I say it is a bad idea.

Yes, this is precisely what the discussion was supposed to be about.  As I've
already stated, we have four Pidgin developers against and one for thus far.  I
don't realistically expect that many of us care to have yet another prpl when
Facebook have already promised an XMPP interface into Facebook Chat.


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