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John Bailey rekkanoryo at
Sun Nov 23 18:30:35 EST 2008

Will Thompson wrote:
> Sadrul Habib Chowdhury wrote:
>> I suspect the author was using folding in the editor. I would've left
>> these alone unless there were a [compelling] reason to remove.  
> Surely most editors that do code folding can understand C functions
> without these kinds of comments these days? (:set foldmode=syntax or
> similar.)

I don't see that code folding is really a necessity, but vim at least
understands C, C++, and Java braces well enough to intelligently fold on those
braces when you set foldmethod=syntax.

The existance of the comments, whether their purpose was for folding or not, did
nothing but introduce double the maintenance cost--if anyone decides to change a
function name or signature, it has to be changed both in the comment and in the
actual definition.  This is needless duplication that we discourage everywhere else.


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