Sticky Buddy Authorizations

Christoph Petersen lists at
Tue Nov 25 03:55:21 EST 2008

Hello Guys.

I'm new to this list and not exactly sure if this is the right place for 
me to be :) So please correct me if I'm mistakenly here.

Yesterday something bad happend to my Pidgin (not for the first time). I 
was staying in the hotel and surfing with my cell attached so connection 
was quite bad. A new friend of mine just asked to authorize her and then 
my Pidgin disconnected. This shouldn't be a problem itself but when I 
reconnected the authorization request was gone. Maybe this is a protocol 
thing not sure about that.

Is it possible to implement something like sticky authorizations? So 
that when you don't actively deny or accept a request the request will 
show up again on next login of the service in question?


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