Instant login Pidgin plugin

Marius Orcsik marius.orcsik at
Thu Nov 27 11:56:25 EST 2008

Hello everyone,

I have been following this list for a while but I don't remember to see a 
similar question: I would be interested if there is a plugin that allows users 
to login to accounts on the fly. 

This, I imagine, should apply to protocols that have a standard entry point 
already defined (Yahoo, MSN, ICQ... ) and which can allow a simple 
username/password method of authentication. 

The specific usecase would be in an environment where a lot of IM users are 
logged on the computer with a single user account, e.g., a guest user on a 
Windows machine, or the guest session on Ubuntu. 

So, do you know of any such plugins ? And if don't, can you suggest a starting 
point for developing one ?

Best regards,
-Marius Orcsik
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