XMPP attention branch

Andreas Monitzer pidgin at monitzer.com
Sun Nov 30 07:38:52 EST 2008

On Nov 30, 2008, at 13:32, Marcus Lundblad wrote:

> Unfortunatly libpurple AFAIK is the only one yet supporting it :)

Well, the reason for this could be because I wrote up that XEP  
specifically while adding the feature to libpurple as part of Summer  
of Code 2007 :)
I hope that Psi implements it soon (if they haven't done so already).

> Spark has a similar feature called "poke", but it uses a custom  
> extention.

Yes, they're pretty unwilling to work with the XMPP community  
(otherwise they would have written up a XEP about it a few years  

> Maybe this can soon be merged?

I'd appreciate that (haven't looked at that code since SoC07, though).


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