Invalid multibyte sequence in qq/buddy_info.c

Mark Doliner mark at
Wed Oct 29 14:41:29 EDT 2008

A recent change to libpurple/protocols/qq/buddy_info.c caused our
nightly l10n stats script to start failing.  You can see the problem
by cd'ing to the po directory and running "intltool-update -p"  It
complains with this error:

./../libpurple/protocols/qq/buddy_info.c:73: invalid multibyte sequence
ERROR: xgettext failed but still managed to generate PO template file.
       Please consult error message above if there is any.

The code looks like this:
static const gchar *genders_zh[] = {

I don't quite understand why we have a zh version of the gender
strings... it looks like it might be needed by the QQ servers?  But if
that's the case, should it be marked for translation?  Could you
please look at this when you get a chance?


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