Status of new servers

Mark Doliner mark at
Thu Oct 30 06:04:56 EDT 2008

Updated status below.

*  I built and uploaded docs for
2.5.0 and 2.5.2.  And the nightly docs are updated nightly by a script
that runs from my crontab on imperial.  If you're interested in how
this works, see the following files on imperial:
* ViewMTN and integration with trac
* Monotone commit emails and cia integration
* Monotone nightly tarbarll
* Replaced the dvlabs logo at the bottom of our webpages with a
NetworkRedux logo
* SSL support for login on
* Re-enabled the trac pending script in mtnsupport's crontab on
imperial.  It's set to run at 00:07 UTC.  No idea if it'll actually
work.  It should email output to kstange at
* Header at has correct links.  Ethan,
I edited /home/elb/entries/head.html on rock to change those links,
and I changed /home/elb/public_html/cgi-bin/pyblosxom.cgi to be a
symlink to the system-wide pyblosxom.cgi so that it will use a new
version if the pyblosxom dpkg is updated, and changed your story.html
file to match Sean's so that stories don't have weird overlapping
things--hope you don't mind.
* Set up seanegan's blog the same way as elb's
* Enabled kstange's blog.  Kevin, feel free to disable it or whatever.
 If you do, please remove the link to it from

* mediawiki for  Data is imperial:/home/rekkanoryo/var.
 May need to be table dumped from a 64-bit debian machine, then
imported into mysql on the new server since the new server is 32-bit.

* Etan: ejabberd.  Old data is at
imperial:/home/markdoliner/old_var_lib_ejabberd.tar.bz2  Is there an
ssl cert somewhere?  Is it the same as the one on
* Richard: Backups on the new servers.  /etc, /home and /srv.  Maybe
select directories in /var?
* Richard: trac hotcopy code from homing working on imperial (what
does the hotcopy code do?)
* Should we do something to forward local mail from imperial to rock?

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