Using libpurple in QuteCom (but with assertion fails)

Jan Kaláb pitel at
Tue Sep 2 05:50:17 EDT 2008

I'm a volunteer developer of QuteCom ( QC for
short, former Wengophone). It uses (as of current RC version)
libgaim as backend for IM communcation. And I'm trying to change it
to libpurple.

There is testbranch of QC. which uses some old version of libpurple
(2.2.1), and I used this to prepare the swith. Succesfully.

But when I changed to 2.5, and finally managed to compile it, I ends
up with those error messages:

purple_presence_is_online: assertion `presence != NULL' failed
purple_presence_get_status: assertion `presence != NULL' failed

It doesn't matter which protocol I use (tested with Jabber and ICQ
and on several machines in different networks), it just always
happen. And I don't know what to blame. Is it problem with
libpurple, IM wrapper in QC, or did I messed up the change of
versions? What do you think?

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