A big THANK YOU from a Pidgin user

Pablo Seibelt pabloseibelt at gmail.com
Fri Sep 5 17:09:33 EDT 2008


First of all, i wanted to thank the great staff that makes
libpurple/pidgin, because it is an excellent instant messenger, the most
stable i have seen, and has features i have yet to find in other
messaging clients.

So far, i have to had another client to open(amsn, or kmess, both
crashed some times) once in a while to see offline messages, but thanks
to the 2.5.0 update(Which has just arrived at Ubuntu) i don't have these
problems anymore, and even more, i have custom emoticons! =)

So thanks to all of the developers that made and keep making internet
messaging a wonderful experience ^_^ (And not a painful one, like with
WLM... ugh, my computer cried so many times...)

I have yet to see some other features that you guys plugged in, i guess
they will be as nice as in every release so far ^_^

Goodbye, and thanks to everyone again =)
Pablo Seibelt.

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