Continuous builds

Phil Hannent phil at
Tue Sep 9 11:21:10 EDT 2008


I wanted to raise the topic of nightly builds:

There is no owner for it and I have been setting up buildbot for a project at 
work.  To help with my understanding I have created a buildbot instance that 
builds pidgin on the rig at work.

I need to learn how to package application for various platforms via buildbot, I 
have windows working but I need RPMs and DEBs as well.  Also for my in house 
project I need to create mac osx packages but that's not of interest to Pidgin.

I have three questions:
1, Are the Pidgin developers interested in using buildbot?
2, If not are you OK with me releasing nightly builds?
3, How does one package pidgin into something like an RPM?  More specifically 
which parts of the packaging process are already in the source?

Phil Hannent

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