group contacts based on email/JID/Passport

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Fri Sep 12 09:25:46 EDT 2008


On the second paragraph of it states that
> If you use the Alias function, by either highlighting a buddy and pressing
> F2 or right-clicking and selecting "Alias...," when two or more buddies in
> the same group are aliased to the same name, Pidgin will prompt you to
> automatically merge them together into one contact.

It would be great if Pidgin could (optionally automatically) group contacts into a single contact base on their email address/JID/Passport when you have the same over different accounts. I use 3 XMPP account and MSN (plus several others, not relevant here) and I have many contacts that have the same email. When I add new contacts to all 4 accounts I have to MANUALLY group them, when this can easily be done by the Alias code - but the Alias function only works for already existing contacts and requires manual intervention too.

Can some dev accept this ticket and work something out? Thanks in advance

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