[ANN] libpurple-mini

Felipe Contreras felipe.contreras at gmail.com
Sun Sep 14 13:54:13 EDT 2008


I just created a new git repository that contains only libpurple and
nothing else. All the tags and branches from the official repository
are there.

Obviously it doesn't compile yet since the configure script is for the
whole thing, but I just created a simple Makefile just as a
proof-of-concept in a separate branch.

I plan to update this repository each time there is a new release, so
it will be up to date.

This is not meant to be used seriously by anyone yet, but I hope in
the near future it will compile exactly as the officially distributed

This has advantages for distributions and people who don't care about
the non-purple stuff (Adium, telepathy-haze).

Since there is less code and it's maintained in git I believe it will
a more interesting playground for people that want to get their hands


Comments, as usual, are appreciated :)

Best regards.

Felipe Contreras

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