pidgin: 5316525f: 2008.09.11 - csyfek <csyfek(at)

Daniel Atallah daniel.atallah at
Sun Sep 14 22:39:17 EDT 2008

On Fri, Sep 12, 2008 at 10:30 AM,  <csyfek at> wrote:
> -----------------------------------------------------------------
> Revision: 5316525f53e27f838d18a6a08b82c7d55f674591
> Ancestor: 5688199e261449d33b5803dafff50d860896ebcb
> Author: csyfek at
> Date: 2008-09-11T13:34:33
> Branch: im.pidgin.pidgin
> URL:
> Modified files:
>        libpurple/protocols/qq/ChangeLog
>        libpurple/protocols/qq/buddy_list.c
>        libpurple/protocols/qq/char_conv.c
>        libpurple/protocols/qq/group.c
>        libpurple/protocols/qq/group.h
>        libpurple/protocols/qq/group_conv.c
>        libpurple/protocols/qq/group_internal.c
>        libpurple/protocols/qq/group_internal.h
>        libpurple/protocols/qq/qq.c libpurple/protocols/qq/qq.h
>        libpurple/protocols/qq/qq_network.c
>        libpurple/protocols/qq/qq_process.c
>        libpurple/protocols/qq/qq_trans.c
> ChangeLog:

It looks like all recent changes were once again removed with this commit.

Is there any reason you can't keep your master repository as a branch
in the pidgin mtn repository?  If that isn't possible, perhaps a
solution would be to create a "vendor"-style branch and then make your
commits to that branch instead of im.pidgin.pidgin. That way, when you
propagate that branch to im.pidgin.pidgin, you wont be overwriting any
other changes that happen in the mean time.

This current practice of replacing the entire contents really must not continue.


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