how to modify the nullclient.c so the account canloginthereal xmpp server?

jimmy_yuhai jimmy_yuhai at
Tue Sep 16 04:30:36 EDT 2008

Dear Ka-Hing Cheung:
 i add the break point at purple_request_set_ui_ops, but it does not stop there,sounds no go through that function; 
in gdb , i notice that the nullclient programe 
//void purple_connection_new.c
 if (!purple_account_is_disconnected(account))
it returns here so early,can not run till this function :prpl_info->register_user(account);
for i set the username:username at chsiyuhai and the password 


发件人: Ka-Hing Cheung
发送时间: 2008-07-26 11:28:25
收件人: jimmy_yuhai
主题: Re: Re: Re: how to modify the nullclient.c so the account canloginthereal xmpp server?

On  Fri,  2008-07-25  at  16:46  +0800,  jimmy_yuhai  wrote:
>  In  the  file  nullclient.c  ,  it  already  has  the
>    purple_core_set_ui_ops(&null_core_uiops)  in  init_libpurple(void){};
>  but  i  don't  know  have  to  do  about  it,  and  which  ui  ops  should  be
>  added  ,how  many  to  add  .
>  in  finch's  finch.c  file  :
>  there  is  
>  -----------------------------------
>  static  PurpleCoreUiOps  core_ops  =
>  {
>    finch_prefs_init,
>    debug_init,
>    gnt_ui_init,
>  ....
>  ----------------------
>  and  the  gnt_ui_init  ,  it  set  the  ui  ops  for
>  account(finch_account_get_ui_ops()  in  gntaccount.c  ,  so  have  to  add
>  one  more  file  gntaccount.c);    ui  ops  for  connection(gntconn.c),ect.
>  all  this  will  bring  a  lot  of  files.

Please  reply  all  next  time,  and  see  purple_request_set_ui_ops()

>  -------------------------------------
>  Question  2  :      if  i  want    to  register  an  new  account  on  server  using
>  nullclient.c,  will  it  be  easier  ?

The  problem  is  with  connecting  to  a  server  with  self  signed  certificate,
so  registering  an  account  or  logging  in  are  irrelevant.


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