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Julien Genestoux julien.genestoux at
Thu Sep 18 12:21:56 EDT 2008

I am currently working on a notification platform (
The idea is to "connect" any website to the channels that the people are
actually using to stay connected!
On great use case is to imagine that someone is looking for a new car on
craigslist but doesn't have the time to go check the new ads every hour.
Would'nt it be great if the guy could receive in real time the links to new
ads on his AIM (to which he is connected al day long for work purposes)?

We have an alpha version running and we use Libpurple for this!

The question that is coming to mind right now is : is Libpurple able to
scale as bot? We know that AIM -for example- limits the number of buddy one
can have, but anyone made some tests to know until which "message rate" or
"number of buddies" Libpurple can run?
One of our big concerns is that, currently, when our bot starts, it seems
that Libpurple actually loads the entire buddy list... it is ok when you
have 10 buddies, but can be very long when you reach a few thousands!

Also, we are currently hiring, and, if you're in the San Francisco area,
please feel free to drop me note : let's meet and discuss what you can do to
help us!


Julien Genestoux
julien.genestoux at

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