Proposal to change chat window layout

Alex Willmer alex at
Tue Sep 23 14:17:11 EDT 2008

In a multiple user chat session, the chat window is laid out:
|[ ]#channel      |
|[ ]Topic         |
|Chat history|User|
|...         |list|           
|Typing area   [ ]|
|              [ ]| 

I'd like to swap the chat history and user list, so the chat history is
on the right. I reason that:

     1. I scroll the chat history more often than I do the user list.
     2. I place the chat window on the right edge my screen.
     3. By Fitts' law, a control is easier to hit at the screen edge.

Currently, the HPane splitter prevents the chat history scroll bar
reaching the window's edge. I would appreciate your thoughts, either
way, before I work on fully implementing this.

Realising the benefit would depend on applying the patch for my
enhancement ticket #6987.

Sincerely, Alex Willmer

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