An unique Idea for GSoC 2009

CHEN XUEQIN chenxq at
Thu Apr 2 06:28:51 EDT 2009

Rocky Hartono 写道:

> Hi Pidgin community,

> As we know, there are many web forums on internet. Some of them have 
> heavy traffic and a lot of active members. Much information they gave 
> are useful. I myself join several web forums. In some forums, 
> information comes rapidly. Some new threads and many new replies in 
> threads could appear every day and they move old threads down. Those new 
> information (new threads, new replies) might be very useful and 
> interesting for me. But it is hard for me to keep monitor the latest 
> information (new threads, new posts, new replies, etc) from those forums 
> at the same time every day, because I have to open every forums I’ve 
> joined and look into interesting threads by using web browser every day. 
> It could take so much time and effort and becomes troublesome.

You can subscribe forum thread email notification service. Suppose you use
gmail account to subscribe, then when threads you interested get reply, you
will get mail notification and in Pidgin you can check summary of new mail.
The way maybe solve your problem.  Of cource, your idea of readding forum
message directly in pidgin is great. But as you said, the forum doesn't provide
standard data acccess protocal and the support may be some difficult.

Chen Xueqin

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