An ecore loop based libpurple client...

"Marco Trevisan (Treviño)" mail at
Thu Apr 9 23:25:04 EDT 2009

Anderson Briglia wrote:
> We have a registered project called: Python-purple for Maemo[1]. Even it
> is "for Maemo", I guess the code and an example there could help you to
> see libpurple being used by other GUI's.
> Python-purple is a python binding for libpurple. We have a nullclient[2]
> written in python which have a python-efl GUI. Note that this client is
> very minimal and python-purple itself is in a initial phase as well.

Thanks for linking it, however I already found that code in my Google
searches... :)
That seems a very good project, however I'd prefer not to use python as
it is not fast as C is, and since I'd like to build a client for
Openmoko I'd prefer not to waste power. :/

Anyway I'll keep this python binding in mind ;)

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