Patches Needing Review

John Bailey rekkanoryo at
Fri Apr 10 19:35:58 EDT 2009

John Bailey wrote:
> According to the Patches Needing Review wiki page
> ( we have 27 patches
> awaiting developer review.
> Of these 27 patches, 8 of them are aimed at XMPP and at least 4 appear to be
> general and/or memory leak cleanup.  There are also some patches aimed at the UI.
> All 27 of these patches need a developer other than myself to review and accept
> or reject the patches as appropriate.  I am considering these tickets to be
> release blockers because a number of them have been awaiting review for an
> unacceptably long time.
> John

Additionally, there are some branches that need review and merging prior to
releasing 2.6.0:


I'going consider the these branches blockers on 2.6.0 to get them merged and out
of the way.

I would add the im.pidgin.cpw.malu.xmpp.idle branch to the list of blockers, but
it's my understanding that we should wait until the related XEP hits draft status.

As a final note, I know I've said this before, but I want it listed publicly for
reference.  I'm also considering the merge of
im.pidgin.cpw.rekkanoryo.icqxstatus (which Richard has taken over maintenance
on) a blocker, as the work on this branch has been ongoing since 2.5.2 or so.

I apologize if I'm sounding like a dictator, but we NEED to get tickets
resolved, and we definitely should take advantage of the minor version bump to
deal with as much stuff needing new API as possible.


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