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Moritz 'Morty' Strübe morty at
Tue Apr 21 11:47:50 EDT 2009

Mark Doliner schrieb:
> [..]
> In our comments on Wade's proposal we expressed some concern about
> using XULRunner, since there already exists a project called
> Instantbird [1] which is an IM program which uses libpurple and XUL
> for the UI.  I'm not very familiar with Instantbird... it might be
> possible to talk to the developers of that program and see if they
> would welcome a collaborator.  
> [..]

I think this would be a good Idea. After all Firefox, Thunderbird,
Sungbird, etc are built ontop of XUL/chrome - And most Win-Users are
quite happy with that. It also increases the chance of getting a full
featured GUI within this summer (IB, still lacks quite a few feats).
Besides the framework already brings Skin and Plugin-Support and an
html-renderer/DOM-Support. Another plus is, that it's cross Platform. It
is therefore not only a new GUI for Win, but also for Lin & Mac.


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