Pidgin & Akismet?

eyerouge eyerouge at
Tue Apr 21 16:51:14 EDT 2009

Just wondering if anybody has thought about the possibility to make use of
Akismet to stop spam messages? Surely a plugin could be written. It would
check every message where a friend initiated the convo.

I'm aware that there already is an option to only allow people that knows
you to contact you etc, but that's beside the point: What I'd like to see if
a way to block spam-messages from trojans etc that have infected people
already in your own friend list. This is very usual when it comes to certain
protocols, and the users "sending" the spam are often not even aware they're
infected. As it is currently the only way to stop recieving junk from such
users is to block them totally, which seems kind of blunt when there are
superb services like Akismet around which are already in use by several
other open source projects (like Wordpress).

Those were my 2 cents, only wanted to share a notion I got and won't
"debate" it.
With all this said I'd also like to thank you for a great IM software.

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