Skype Protocol Plugin

Richard Laager rlaager at
Tue Apr 28 18:38:52 EDT 2009

I *thought* we all agreed long ago that regardless of whether this is
legally a GPL violation or not, we weren't going to encourage the use of
this plugin because it violates the spirit of the GPL. On the
philosophical side, you're still playing with and depending on non-free
code. As a practical consequence, this plugin makes it less likely that
someone will write an entirely free (GPLed) Skype protocol plugin.

To establish an example of something that I think *would* be legally
infringing, I don't believe the GPL wouldn't allow someone to take the
Skype API, the Skype protocol plugin and libpurple and ship them
together saying, "It's libpurple, now with Skype support." To me, that
would be a derivative work of libpurple and thus more than mere

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