Plagiarism from msn-pecan

Peter Lawler bleeter at
Mon Aug 3 21:42:16 EDT 2009

 >> I tried to comment on your blog, but for whatever reason it didn't go
 >> through (I tried posting again and it detected double post, so it
 >> probably got to the moderation queue), maybe you only want people to
 >> hear your side of the story anyway?

 >Yeah right, how about you don't let your imagination fly and go for
 >the most reasonable explanation: it was detected as spam. Thanks for
 >pointing that out, I've accepted the comment.

'for whatever reason ..., maybe ...'

It's clear that khc wasn't wholly suggesting the censorship possibility.

 >Did you know the idea would work? How? And why didn't you mentioned it
in the bug report?
Yeah right, how about you don't let your imagination fly and go for the 
most reasonable explanation: maybe it was something called 'intuition'. 
And as far as I know there is no requirement to mention the reasoning. 
Desirable, maybe. Required, no. One's always been able to ask after the 
event, if needs be. Best I can tell, the only reason to ask after the 
event in this case is due to your plagiarism and theft claim - a claim 
that you now seem to be stepping away from.

 >As you can see from the story people were complaining in #pidgin, and
 >Pidgin developers didn't acknowledge it as a problem, which points out
 >that if you had that knowledge, you didn't bother to share it with
 >anybody. Convenient.
Lots of intuitive untested fixes have gone in to Pidgin over the years. 
What is convenient is that this fix related to something you have an 
interest in, convenient that you can make unfounded slanderous, 
libellous and/or defamatory allegations.

 >You have convinced me that you came up with the idea. You haven't
 >explained how you *knew* it was going to work.
You seem to be seriously suggesting that khc is not allowed to make 
intuitive guesses. Further, you're seeming to insist that if anyone 
makes any kind of change to the msn prpl, they have to fully explain it 
to you before, or during the commit, on the off-chance that msn-pecan 
may have a similar change.

You continue refuse to have anything to do with the default msn prpl 
directly, apart from telling pidgin users to not use it, or making 
slanderous/libellous/defamatory comments. Given all the above, your 
stepping back from the theft claim and the possibility that khc made an 
intuitive guess, I cannot believe that you can't see why your position 
is a crock. You seem to be an intelligent person. All things considered, 
is it really any wonder that you've been treated with the contempt 
you've received? </rhetorical>


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