how to package bonjour windows dll with a pidgin plugin

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Tue Aug 4 07:54:00 EDT 2009

I have developed a pidgin plugin for windows which uses mDNS to publish and
discovery the buddies in a zeroconf manner. Actually its almost like Bonjour
implementation in pidgin.
Right now in order to work my piding plugin, Apple's Bonjour Toolkit should
have pre-installed on the machine. But I need to eliminate the step
installing Bonjour win toolkit by an another run if it not install when I
install my plugin.

for your info Now I have created a installer using nsis script for the
plugin also.
But My problem is now I need to install both Bonjour win toolkit and my
plugin by a single installer. How can I do this.
At the momemnt if Bonjour toolkit is not install when i install my plugin
then I have to install it later which not a good thing I guess.
I want to bundle the necessary stuffs(dll, scripts etc etc whatever needed)
coming with  Bonjour windows tool which are needed for zeroconf publish and
discovery, with my plugin.

If you are not clear to answer to above description ok no problem. take it
what are the necessary files and stuffs in Bonjour windows toolkit that is
needed to mDNS publish and discovery ?
And can I link those into my pinding plugin so that i dnt need to install
Bonjour windows toolkit.

Thank You.


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