how to package bonjour windows dll with a pidgin plugin

Mark Doliner mark at
Mon Aug 10 12:43:12 EDT 2009

On Fri, Aug 7, 2009 at 1:48 AM, evanescent<coolnuwan at> wrote:
> On Wed, Aug 5, 2009 at 12:58 PM, Mark Doliner <mark at> wrote:
>> On Tue, Aug 4, 2009 at 4:54 AM, evanescent<coolnuwan at> wrote:
>> > Hi,
>> > I have developed a pidgin plugin for windows which uses mDNS to publish
>> > and
>> > discovery the buddies in a zeroconf manner. Actually its almost like
>> > Bonjour
>> > implementation in pidgin.
>> Hmm, that's interesting.  Does it use the same protocol as our bonjour
>> plugin?  Like, are they compatible?  I'm wondering what the reasoning
>> is for creating a separate plugin.
> yes. It uses the same protocol as bonjour and they are compatible and that
> is one of my another problem now.
> why do I say like that because when I create an account prom my plugin (I
> publish the presence with avahi as same as bonjour) its presence can be seen
> from a Bonjour account which is loged in the LAN. I want to eliminate this.
> How can I publish the presence using mdns and avahi in a way that Bonjour
> accounts can not see them?
> The reason for a separate plugin is that we have a p2p group of nodes that
> are connected to ip multicasting group.
> So I need to give chat facility only to those nodes which uses this p2p
> multicasting group.
> So I dont need this plugin to be compatible with Bonjour even I uses the
> same thing as bonjour + some intergration part with p2p layer.
> So as my previouse question how can i plublish a service with avahi and mdns
> in a way that is not detectable by Bonjour.

You might want to ask this on the Pidgin devel mailing list.  I'm not
really familiar with Bonjour or mdns.  It seems like you could just
modify Pidgin's bonjour protocol instead of creating your own.

>> > Right now in order to work my piding plugin, Apple's Bonjour Toolkit
>> > should
>> > have pre-installed on the machine. But I need to eliminate the step
>> > installing Bonjour win toolkit by an another run if it not install when
>> > I
>> > install my plugin.
>> Does your code link against Apple's Bonjour Toolkit?  Or do you just
>> make DNS queries against their server?  If you link against their
>> toolkit and you distribute your plugin publicly you would need to make
>> sure their toolkit is compatible with our GPL license (I feel like it
>> isn't).
> I thins question I am not quite sure how it works actually. But I think my
> code queries to mdns service.
> I say so If I stop the mdns service which is list in windows serivice it
> does not work.
> The toolkit has Apache License. So I think It wont be a problem.

How do you query the mdns service?  Do you call any functions in their toolkit?


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