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August 17, 2009 
                                              RE:       YOUR   INVITATION 
Dear Fellow American, 
We thank you in advance for graciously taking a moment to read this Invitation. We have sent out many, but if you have received this Invitation, you have been referred to us by another Member or Supporter. If we have been misguided please accept our apology and let us know. We do not wish to intrude upon anyone with this communication. 
So many of our fellow Americans need help right now. This is an Invitation to become a Member of our Icon Partnership. Together we can make a difference. $25.00 for yourself or $50.00 for your business or organization, per annum. This partnership allows us to help one family at a time – right now! 
We already had over 1,000,000, homeless American children at any time during any year.  Now we have tens of thousands of homeless “families” nearly all of which also have children! 
This situation is drastic now, but we are looking toward a miserable Winter for many families that never dreamed of being in their current circumstances. We the directors of Icon International Foundation are asking individuals, non profit organizations and businesses to please become Members of our “Icon Partnership.” 
The Icon Partnership is a special program within the Foundation concentrating on providing volunteer efforts in as many areas as possible to: (1)  provide food for families and homeless children; (2) exert effort to locate shelter and free rent for families; (3) an English literacy and Computer literacy training “in the field” where it can be advantageous to adults searching for new jobs. 
The weather is beautiful now but Winter will be here too soon for many families having recently lost jobs and homes. Please join our group.  Membership is $50.00  per year for businesses and organizations and $25.00 for individuals. Thousands of us contributing just a small sum each year can move mountains.   
There are so many worthwhile causes – but this Partnership is concentrating on a monumentally serious cause. Please Join us !!  If you donate on our website, e-mail your name and address we will mail your Membership Certificate, or mail a check with your return address: Icon Accounting, P.O. Box 5152 Fallon , Nevada 89407 You will also begin to receive our quarterly News Letter. This is tax deductible. Thank You So Very Much.. 
Nicky Rolfe , and The Board of Directors                        
Executive Director    nicky at 
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