How about the progress of Windows native UI of pidgin

Gregor Dick igregord at
Mon Aug 17 17:37:16 EDT 2009

Xiaohui Liu wrote:
> Hi all,
>    I found that two of students to do this project this GSoC, where can
> I found more about this project?
> thanks,
> xiaohui,

Now that GSoC has ended, I thought I'd take the opportunity to post an
update on Vulture's progress. The short-term plan now is to bring it up
to alpha-quality in the hope of eventually attracting more developers.

The buddy list is nearly complete. It has some rough edges, and is
missing some conveniences such as drag-and-drop, but it's usable. For
the time being, it uses Pidgin's status icons.

Conversation windows have the basic functionality needed to actually
speak to people, but not much more. This was not something I intended to
push very far over the summer, since most of it would require the
integration of an HTML renderer, which can safely be postponed beyond a
first release.

The most important missing features at the moment are the account
manager, and various sorts of UI feedback, including a replacement for
Pidgin's "mini dialogues". Once I've implemented these, I think it'll be
about time to cut the first alpha.

Thanks again for selecting this project, and particularly to John Bailey
for mentoring it. I look forward to continuing with it.

-Gregor Dick

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