Pidgin Development/Consultant Request

Matt Pruett mpruett at
Tue Aug 18 12:16:50 EDT 2009

	I hope this is an acceptable vehicle for this request and if this is
frowned upon I apologize in advance. I own a communications company and I
need a solution built for a service I need to put in place. I need an
application that essentially is a Pidgin Gateway. This solution needs to be
an enterprise class application that can handle several hundred users
connecting to all the platforms that Pidgin supports. I would like to
interface to this application using a web service as it will be interfacing
with other web services in my network. I can provide more detail if there is
any interest. I am not opposed to sharing this code once it is developed.
	This is not a trivial request from someone who doesn't understand what it
takes to develop software and what it is worth. I am not someone who is just
trying to do this on the cheap. Please reply if you have any interest in
putting something together for me. I will need to have references and be
able to convince me you can build a platform that I can depend on.

Matt Pruett
IDN Communications

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