Sort by Log Size

Aly Hirani alyhirani at
Tue Aug 25 14:41:39 EDT 2009

Hello Everyone,

This is in regards to the recent log subsystem change made to 
incorporate the new blist sorting mechanism of "recent activity". 
Related links: and

While the newer sorting mechanism might be good at what it is meant to 
do, I find myself completely agreeing with Jim's initial arguments. The 
recent log activities has shuffled the sorting order a few times. As a 
person who likes his contact list to be sorted "relatively the same" 
(minor changes over a long period of time is still acceptable), I find 
myself missing the older "sort by log size" functionality. I did sit 
down last night and hacked a patch to enable both, sort by log size and 
sort by recent activity. So, I guess my question is, are there any 
fundamental objections to integrating both the features into Pidgin?

Aly Hirani

PS: Please CC me all the replies since I am not subscribed to the devel list

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