Gadu-Gadu protocol update and patch

Ethan Blanton elb at
Tue Aug 25 17:57:11 EDT 2009

Tomasz Sałaciński spake unto us the following wisdom:
> There are the four patches to Gadu-Gadu protocol in Pidgin - libgadu
> update to 1.8.2 (this fixes a few security issues, for more info email
> me):

OK, this I will treat separately.  Stu Tomlinson has mentioned that he
believes we have a number of fixes in our private libgadu to make
things work for win32.  I don't know the details of those fixes, or
whether they are upstream -- at least one developer believes we passed
them upstream, but we do not know if they were adopted even if this is
the case.  We should find out if this updated source works on win32,
but I am not the man to do that.  :-)

Do the patches below *require* the libgadu updates?

> These patches fix the following issues:
> - Formatting broken when occurs after image in the message
> - Show correct date when receiving images
> - Allow sending of images with correct formatting

In general, these look OK to me.  I didn't review all of the changes
carefully, but nothing jumped out at me as Wrong.

> I've used GPtrArray to store positions and values for formatting, and
> GKeyFile (stored internally) for crc->purple image id information.

While we don't use GPtrArray anywhere else that I'm aware of, this
seems to be OK.  It seems that it was introduced with glib 2.0, and
you have not used any newer extensions.

GKeyFile is an interesting choice, as you seem to use it only as a
hash table, with only one category.  Is there a particular reason you
did not use GHashTable?  The use of GKeyFile will be OK for Pidgin
2.7.0, as it requires only glib 2.6, but it cannot be merged before

All things considered, I'd like to see these patches go in sooner
rather than later.  I'd like some answers on the win32 compatability
of the libgadu updates before that happens -- if you can check that,
great, if not, maybe Daniel or someone could poke at it.  I'll also
see if we can get Bartosz (our nominal gg maintainer) to take a look.


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