libpurple API questions

KJ Tsanaktsidis greeklegend at
Tue Dec 1 20:28:45 EST 2009

Hey all,
I'm trying to write a plugin for libpurple to add a jumplist on windows 7. 
I've got the jumplist communicating with the plugin, but i'm having a hard 
time figuring out what functions to use to control pidgin from the plugin. 
More specifically...

-I've figured out how to disconnect accounts by iterating over them and 
calling purple_account_disconnect() on each. However, the status change 
drop-down box on the pidgin UI still shows "available" instead of "offline". 
Is there a more correct way for a plugin to do this?

-I'm having no luck at all working out how to set available, invisible, away 
statuses on accounts. I suspect the solution involves 
purple_account_set_status(), but it requires a string argument "status_id", 
and I can't find in the documentation what the valid options for this are. I 
tried finding out by iterating over PurpleStatusTypes by calling 
purple_account_get_status_types() and then on each PurpleStatusType calling 
purple_status_type_get_id(), but that just returns a NULL pointer.

Can anybody offer any suggestions about how to achieve this things?

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