Difficulties Logging On to AIM Accounts Since Upgrading to Pidgin 2.6.4

mcjathan mcjathan1 at xmission.com
Mon Dec 7 13:26:42 EST 2009


We use Pidgin in a small office environment.  We noticed that we have 
intermittent difficulties logging onto our AIM accounts since we've 
upgraded to Pidgin 2.6.4.  Intermittently, at the startup of the 
workstation and the startup of Pidgin, the AIM accounts come up 
disabled.  When we instruct Pidgin to enable the account, sometimes the 
enable command works and sometimes the AIM account won't start up.  The 
whole problem seem very unpredictable.  Sometimes the AIM accounts will 
startup and sometimes no amount of fiddling will get the AIM account 

Is anybody else seeing this problem?

Regards,  Jeff

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