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Dude, you've just opened Pandora's Box. If that was your intent, then great job!

(I never post on this list, but for this, I must.)

If you want to make your own IM client, then that's great! It's a rewarding and educational experience that will surely have you pulling your hair out and think about dumping any girlfriends you're with or friends you have. However, when you have to start worrying about the quirks in ICQ (or any other protocol; trust me, there are many), or when you'll have to choose a windowing manager (b/c ALL of them require an incredible number of dependencies...unless you want to use X, which has issues of its own), or when you'll have to worry about creating a spam filter to catch those popups (spam filters are not easy to write, btw...), don't expect love and snuggies from this mailing list.

Pidgin is probably the best and most popular IM client next to Miranda, and keep in mind that Miranda (a) has its own issues and (b) isn't completely open-source. 

Good luck! 

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well... i am already at a point where my IM doesn't open bullshit windows... after 5 minutes development time that i spend doing 
something else..

how old is pidgin?

Ethan Blanton wrote:
> Dirk spake unto us the following wisdom:
>> i will de-install this piece of shit and write my own IM...
> Sounds great!  We look forward to the competition.  Competition always
> benefits the user.  You'll probably have to use raw X11 calls, if you
> want to keep the library dependency list short; most of those
> dependencies are for Gtk+.  I'm sure you know that, though, since
> you're going to be writing a large and complicated piece of software.
> Also, you could look into the conversation creation preferences and
> your window manager settings, if you liked.  You can probably mitigate
> the effects of windows popping up.  There are also ICQ privacy
> settings which may be helpful.  Kiddie tantrums sometimes work, too --
> not very often, but it's worth a try.
> Ethan
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