Create an IM conversation with Perl

Benoit Caccinolo benoit.caccinolo at
Tue Dec 29 04:38:01 EST 2009


I followed in details the great How-To on Perl scripting.

But in the Conversation API part, when you create an IM conversation,
I don't see anything about the setting of the recipient of the
message. So as a result, I have a window to be able to send messages
to myself. And I can't find how to define the recipient of my

Here is the simplified code presented in the How-To:

$account = Purple::Accounts::find($account_name, $protocol);
$conv1 = Purple::Conversation->new(1, $account, "Test Conversation 1");
$im = $conv1->get_im_data();
$im->send("Message Test.");

There is nothing about a buddy setting or something like that.

Any idea?

Thanks in advance,

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