Pidgin merchandise

Ka-Hing Cheung khc at
Wed Feb 11 23:41:14 EST 2009

On Wed, 2009-02-11 at 10:23 -0800, Mark Doliner wrote:
> 1. Free advertising!  Our logo is cute, why not get people to wear it
> around town?  It makes our brand happier.  I know I know, some of you
> don't give a damn whether people use Pidgin.  But I do.  More users =
> more important project = more developer interest = more developers =
> faster development and better product.

Yay! I would buy one. And I know several coworkers who will probably buy
one too.

> One problem I've had is that our images aren't very big.  When
> printing stuff onto a t-shirt you really want to use a freaking
> gigantic image.  So I made an svg version of our "Pidgin" text
> (attached).  I think it looks pretty good.  I made it by tracing over
> the png version in Inkscape (Inkscape is awesome, by the way), and I
> left the png version as a layer in the svg, so if it looks a little
> goofy then make sure you've turned off that layer.

Can I suggest that for the back we have the launch icon and put "pidgin"
in the chat bubble?


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