Making Pidgin small-screen-friendly

John Bailey rekkanoryo at
Sat Feb 21 20:41:57 EST 2009

Casey Ho wrote:
> I played around with the Add Buddy Pounce dialog some, and placed the
> options in the "Pounce When Buddy" into 4 columns instead of two.
> * The dialog height is under 580px.
> * On a 540px screen the add/cancel buttons are readable and usable, so
> no functionality is lost.  * Increasing to 4 columns does not widen
> the dialog (with English)
> The four column list is readable and actually works well- probably
> because the side-by-side items share the same usage.
> See screenshot at
> -Casey

I have no objections to this, but it does look a bit odd to have two checkboxes
by themselves on the last row.  Five columns is just too wide, and three columns
looks even stranger as there is only one checkbox in the last row, so I'm
inclined to agree with the 4-column solution. However, we need to be conscious
of the fact that other languages will present some unique challenges as their
label text will make the dialog larger.


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