unable to enable the PurpleAccount.

Nagesh nagesh at 800pbx.com
Mon Feb 23 23:29:30 EST 2009

Hi All,

I have being using the PurpleInterface to communicate
with the pidgin through dbus.
I have used the following functions to connect to the pidgin
and create a new account.

account = intf.PurpleAccountNew(username, protocol_id);
intf.PurpleAccountSetUsername(account, usernameWithDomain);
intf.PurpleAccountSetPassword(account, password);

I could able to create new account, but I could not
enable it.

I used below function with different combination's.
public void PurpleAccountSetEnabled(int account, String ui, int value);

PurpleAccountSetEnabled(4184,"gtk-gaim", 1);
PurpleAccountSetEnabled(4184,"gtk-gaim", 0);
PurpleAccountSetEnabled(4184,"prpl-jabber", 1);
PurpleAccountSetEnabled(4184,"prpl-jabber", 0);

as I was trying to enable a gmail account.

can any one suggest me what are the proper parameters do I need to
pass to PurpleAccountSetEnabled method to enable a account.

Any help is highly appreciated.

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