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Hi John,


Please see my replies below.

> > 2) Does TRY_WEBMESSENGER_LOGIN really works? Can someone tell me the
> > pros/cons on using this vs the other two yahoo_process_auth_old/new?
> This worked the last time we needed it. Logging in via web messenger disables
> almost all the useful features, though, as the web client supports only
> messaging and available/busy statuses. Using a normal login method is preferable.


Can you be more specific regarding the 'useful features'? 


I thought webmessenger has most of the basic stuffs: send/receive im, im notification, add/delete buddy stuffs, contact list, and online presence. 


What I like about webmessenger is it has an online archive solution. Desktop clients don't have this.

> > Lastly, I notice in Yahoo 9.x, it talks to instead of
> > YAHOO_PAGER_HOST "". When I change to scs1 in my pidgin,
> > I cannot login. What's going on?
> The last time I used Yahoo 9 it connected to one of the following servers in
> random succession:
> -
> -
> Yahoo 9 uses YMSG protocol version 0x10 (16), which has an entirely different
> authentication mechanism involving an HTTPS request to Trying
> to connect to the servers Yahoo 9 uses won't work because they don't listen for
> the legacy login packets.

Nice info. Thanks!



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