Collecting feature requests

Phil Hannent phil at
Sat Jan 3 04:59:53 EST 2009

Kevin Stange wrote:
> Casey Ho wrote:
>> Just a few minutes ago I created a new "brainstorm" area on the site:
>> The goal of the site is to have a more open place to collect requests
>> from users and figure out which ones are the most popular.  The code
>> running this is the same as the code for Ubuntu Brainstorm
>> (
> Is there some way we can just make managing RFEs on trac more visible.
> This technique is going to cause mass duplication of information and
> take the focus away from the trac, which is what developers actually
> look at when dealing with Pidgin related development.  The more fancy
> widgets we have to play with, the less organized it gets and the less
> likely anyone's going to see it, and the more likely that misinformation
> appears in one or more locations.
This duplicates information in trac, it is not as detailed, people are
asking for things that already exist, people are asking duplicate
requests and the information in some of the requests is wrong.

I would prefer a report from track which selects all tickets which are
enhancements and then allowed users to vote for them (Mozilla allows you
to vote but it means nothing) it gives the user some sense of interaction.

In my view this is design by comity which fails badly.

Just my tuppence worth and Casey I like and appreciate the way you are
trying things out and working to improve things.

Phil Hannent

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