Anyone willing to offer a server for Pidgin brainstorm?

Felipe Contreras felipe.contreras at
Mon Jan 5 02:56:24 EST 2009


The Pidgin brainstorm has been shut-down due to lack of support from
the developers mainly due to two reasons:

a) the current infraestructure doesn't support this
b) developers don't want another point of reference (they want to use trac)

For a) I hope some user is willing to donate a server to setup drupal
in order to have a Pidgin brainstorm. Perhaps even a group of users
can organize to buy some server space.

b) is a little trickier since even if we get a server for the
brainstorm, developers would probably want to use track instead of

Fortunately, if we get a server, there's no need for developers
support, it can be an "alternative" site for user feedback, much more
open to ideas that not as concrete as issue tracking systems (ideas
can't be vetoed by developers).

Some people might argue that it makes no sense to have a site Pidgin
devs are never going to pay attention to. But it can be a common point
of gathering for users to discuss ideas, and these ideas can then
later be linked to trac tickets, just like in Ubuntu brainstorm [1].

In any case, a solution for a) would narrow down the reasons to don't
support a Pidgin brainstorm to b).


Felipe Contreras

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