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Do you run hypnotherapy courses/Training? Are you a Hypnotherapy Organasation?

Do you target people interested in Depression, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Sexual Abuse, Low self-esteem and Anger as clients, students or seminar attendees?

Then Inner Potential Hypnotherapy UK&EIRE is of special interest to you!


WHY would this site interest me?


Because Inner Potential Hypnotherapy UK & EIRE ( is a specialist site for people looking for Hypnotherapy resources with special interest in these symptoms: depression, anxiety, panic attacks, low self-esteem, anger management and sexual abuse. It attracts clients from all over UK AND EIRE asking via calls and emails:


“Can you refer some interesting courses on self-hypnosis in Essex?”(Sheila M.)


“I need a local hypnotherapist in Southampton for my husband’s anger problems; can you refer me to one please?”(Janet S.)


“I am interested in hypnosis; where can I train in Edinburgh?”(Paul)



WHAT is the USP of Inner Potential Hypnotherapy UK & EIRE?


40-60% of the population suffers from these symptoms and they are looking quietly on the internet for help; they are looking for a place where they will feel understood and contained as well as guided to proper help. Inner Potential Hypnotherapy UK & EIRE is creating that bridge between them and Hypnotherapy.


Clients are more likely to explore this site as it talks about them and their issues so then they are more likely to buy from the site whether they buy the services by the listed hypnotherapists, courses listed, training listed or CD(s) listed.


Only FIVE seminars/workshops/training organisations will be listed per county(even if you are targeting the surrounding counties) and even if your training covers the whole of UK & EIRE it will still be part of only TEN Organisations/Schools listed for the whole of UK & EIRE. We favour exclusivity of information over packed listings.


WHEN will I see a return on my investment?


Inner Potential Hypnotherapy UK & EIRE is new and started mid December 08 but is aiming to become the TRUSTED BRAND for clients looking for Training or courses on issues they are suffering from or else interested in emotional/mental issues.


If you are paying the average price listed on the “workshops & courses” page of the website only one client for your course/services/ Workshops is enough to return your cost of advertising on top of your profit as an Organisation.


Special offer till end of month: Get your advert box half price if you are the first one to contact us! Your advert will appear here!


HOW do I join?


Remember ONLY TWO hypnotherapists per town, ONLY FIVE seminars/workshops per county and ONLY TEN training organisations/schools for the whole of UK & EIRE will be listed.


So to join ASAP visit and read the “workshops & Courses” pages for more information OR email info at asking for details. Priority of adverts boxes is by priority of booking so if you wish to see your course at the top act now!!



If you do not wish to receive mails from us please email info at with "unsubscribe"in the subject line.


Inner Potential Hypnotherapy UK & EIRE

Bridging the gap between Hypnotherapists and Clients

Moving clients from Problem to Potential !

info at

0118 9269978/ 0786 1293634




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