Master Password GSoC status

vbernetr vivien.bernet-rollande at
Sun Jan 25 03:28:02 EST 2009


> I was wondering what is the status of the Master Password branch.
> I didn't see any activity from the original developer for a long time, is the 
> code ready to be used in libpurple or is this yet another dropped feature 
I was the developer who worked on it.
Since I've been paid for it, I kind of feel morally obliged to finish 
the work, which I hopefully will do.

Basically the current state is the following :
 - the core needs a bit of cleaning, a few TODOs to complete to handle a 
few limit cases (mostly invalid plugin behavior iirc) and error recovery.
 - the gnome-keyring works. I use it on my own computer every day.
 - I couldn't get the KWallet plugin to compile last time I tried. From 
what i've learnt since, I believe it needs to be compiled with the same 
C++ compiler that was used to compile the Qt library installed on the 
system. I might be wrong though, I will investigate.
 - Support for windows DPAPI is currently inexistent

I've been pushing back the work to work on other stuff, mainly college 
related. Finals ended last friday, I'm moving today and starting a six 
months internship next week. This means no more 
painstaking-homework-that-keep-me-up-till-morning. So hopefully I'll 
have time for this project.

Richard, if you don't see anything going on in the next few weeks, 
please don't hesitate to send me an e-mail asking about it. Extra 
motivation is always useful. Marius, I hope I answered your question. 
Thanks for asking it.

Any flames are welcome, I do deserve them, and I apologize for not at 
least telling you guys what was going on.


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