Pidgin not compiling

Ansuman Mohanty ansuman.mohanty at
Thu Jul 2 15:21:36 EDT 2009


Thanks for your time!

I am trying to compile pidgin on Backtrack 3 with sametime support.

But it is failing:-

checking for MEANWHILE... no
configure: error:
Meanwhile development headers not found.
Use --disable-meanwhile if you do not need meanwhile (Sametime) support.

There is sametime code in

bt protocols # ls  Makefile.mingw  gg/   jabber/  msnp9/    novell/  oscar/
sametime/  silc10/  toc/    zephyr/  bonjour/        irc/  msn/     myspace/  null/    qq/
silc/      simple/  yahoo/
bt protocols # cd sametime/
bt sametime # pwd

What are meanwhile development headers?? how can I get them?

Attaching the config.log file.

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