pidgin: b05f9366: Password reenter prompt only for account...

Mark Doliner mark at
Fri Jul 3 15:33:14 EDT 2009

On Fri, Jul 3, 2009 at 10:24 AM, Sulabh Mahajan< at> wrote:
>> This is, I believe, the opposite of what other protocols do. Certainly
>> both
>>  XMPP and AIM/ICQ have the purple_account_get_remember_password() check
>> inverted.
> Hmm.. yeah thats right, my mistake, forgot to invert that. Will change in
> the next commit.
> Since we are discussing, why do we ask the user to reenter password only for
> the accounts that do not save the password. Why don't we do so for those
> accounts where password is saved. If the server is saying that password is
> incorrect, user will have to eventually change the password.

I think maybe the reasoning might have been that if the user is saving
their password then they've probably had their password set correct
for a long time, and it is more likely that the server has a bug and
is incorrectly telling us our password is wrong even though it isn't.
And in that case we don't want to force the user to re-enter their
password.  I'm not sure that's really a valid concern, and I'm in
favor of always setting the password to NULL for all protocols.


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