pidgin: a005829c: Add a comment about some strange behavio...

Kevin Stange kstange at
Mon Jul 6 20:56:41 EDT 2009

markdoliner at wrote:
> +/*
> + * Hmm, this function is a bit weird.

This function was for the massive number of license-questionable qq
icons we had shipped with Pidgin for a bit.  These images were nuked
from the tree.

> + * 1. The pref "/plugins/prpl/qq/icon_dir" doesn't exist

If that setting is set, presumably the user or distributor has decided
to provide these icons himself somehow and is providing a default
prefs.xml in /etc.  It's a prpl (not account) option which can't even be
set via the UI.

> + * 2. QQ_BUDDY_ICON_DIR is set in, but it's set to a
> + *    directory that doesn't exist
> + * 3. Why would the icon path be different for Windows and Linux?

On Linux this directory should be fixed by the installation path at
./configure time.  In Windows it's got to be determined at runtime based
upon where the installation is placed, which may be arbitrary and change
randomly.  This function could be updated to make the determination
uniformly at runtime as being the pixmax dir + "buddy_icons"

> + * 4. Why do we use this in the first place?  Setting your icon
> + *    should go through the account editor.
> + */

I believe the idea was that QQ users could not set their buddy icons to
things other than these pre-set images, but someone else will have to

The entire functionality set could be nuked unless we think someone's
using it.


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