[ANN] New plugin: IMAqua: speaks message sender, content

Richard Schwarting aquarichy at gmail.com
Fri Jul 10 01:50:26 EDT 2009

Hello Fowls.

I thought I'd just share a little plugin I wrote at
The project name is just vanity right now.

* Linux-only, probably, since it relies on Speech Dispatcher to generate speech
* Similar a bit to the existing AudibleAlerts plugin:
* Lets you use the voices provided by whichever engine Speech
Dispatcher is using (e.g. Festival, Flite, eSpeak)
* Will read the author's name aloud and, optionally, it's contents
* Will do this only when you're away from the computer or optionally
even when you're "available".
* I think it's "core" safe.  It has a Purple preferences pane, and no
GTK-specific code.
* GPL2
* The idea came from my Rhythmbox plugin, http://gitorious.org/djaqua

Building it isn't the most fun thing right now.  Currently, I put a
copy in the libpurple/plugins/ directory, I modify the Makefile there
(after ./configure) to include -lspeechd in the LIBS var, and then I
"make imaqua.so", copying the product into ~/.purple/plugins/.  I'll
polish this eventually.

Speech Dispatcher is a candidate to replace gnome-speech for GNOME
3.0, but right now, it involves a bit of effort to get running
correctly in a session (trying to make it connect to a session's
pulseaudio instance, rather than grabbing alsa at start).

Complaints and criticisms are welcome.  I'm sure I've gaffed up everything.

  Richard Schwarting

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