Proposed changes for Pidgin 2.7.0

Jorge Villaseñor salinasv at
Sun Jul 12 23:24:10 EDT 2009

On Sun, Jul 12, 2009 at 10:04 PM, John Bailey<rekkanoryo at> wrote:
> Hey, everyone,
> It's come up recently in several venues of discussion including #pidgin and
> devel at that our policy of supporting old glib and GTK+ is
> ridiculous and limiting.
> Recent examples of this include the fix in 2.5.8 and im.pidgin.pidgin for
> functions used in the new Yahoo! authentication scheme and the fact that a
> change from a GList to a more appropriate GQueue wasn't reasonable due to chunks
> of GQueue's API being glib 2.4+.  Let's also not forget that we are shipping
> copies of GTK+ widgets wholesale, including the ancient eggtrayicon thing
> (replaced by GtkStatusIcon in GTK+ 2.10) and GtkComboBox (introduced in GTK+ 2.6).
> In discussion in #pidgin, Paul, Kevin, and myself expressed a strong desire to
> kill support for old glib and GTK+.  Given what we are including in-tree to work
> on these ancient versions of libraries, I propose that for 2.7.0 we move to an
> absolute minimum of GTK+ 2.10.0 and Glib 2.12.0 (these were released in early
> July 2006).  Ideally, I would like to require even newer versions of both, but
> I'm compromising with the minimum version needed to kill all the extra libegg
> and GTK+ code that we're carrying.
> I know there is going to be some resistance to this, but we can't stay in the
> stone age forever.  We did previously discuss supporting old library versions
> for 3 years, and this proposal fits that rough consensus that we reached then
> with more than a week to spare.  Note that I am proposing this change for our
> version 2.7.0.  I would propose it immediately, however, we have already made a
> commitment to packagers that 2.6.0 without VV support will remain compatible
> with ancient libraries.
> Now, I ask for a vote from our current developers and Crazy Patch Writers.  I
> think holding this vote open until we release Pidgin 2.6.0 is a reasonable
> timeframe within which to cast votes.  To start the voting off, I cast a vote of
> yes.
> John
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I'm all in with the proposal. (Yes)

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