Proposed changes for Pidgin 2.7.0

Sadrul Habib Chowdhury imadil at
Mon Jul 13 22:56:46 EDT 2009

* John Bailey had this to say on [12 Jul 2009, 23:04:02 -0400]:
> Given what we are including in-tree to work
> on these ancient versions of libraries, I propose that for 2.7.0 we move to an
> absolute minimum of GTK+ 2.10.0 and Glib 2.12.0 (these were released in early
> July 2006).  Ideally, I would like to require even newer versions of both, but
> I'm compromising with the minimum version needed to kill all the extra libegg
> and GTK+ code that we're carrying.
> Now, I ask for a vote from our current developers and Crazy Patch Writers.  I
> think holding this vote open until we release Pidgin 2.6.0 is a reasonable
> timeframe within which to cast votes.  To start the voting off, I cast a vote of
> yes.

I am mostly ambivalent about it, myself.

Most (many?) of the glib functions that are not in older versions are
usually pretty simple (e.g. g_hash_table_find, g_strv_length etc.). I
think if support for older versions of glib are removed, we should still
be open to having a 'glib-old.h' (or something similar) in our tree,
included from 'internal.h', that will define such simple functions based
on glib-version check macros. This will make it simpler for folks who do
want to use libpurple in old glib versions, without dirtying the code

I think GTK+ functions would be considerably more complex, and probably
not worth this effort.


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