- spyware?

Kevin Stange kstange at
Wed Jul 22 18:24:22 EDT 2009

Mark Doliner wrote:
> I believe in June we requested that the ISP hosting this site turn it
> off.  I believe they did so, but then the people
> moved to a different ISP (possibly one outside the US?)  Maybe Kevin
> can clarify this statement?

Yes, they were hosted at The Planet, to which I filed a DMCA notice
since the site design duplication was a copyright violation.  The site
owner then transferred the site out of the country.

> I sent them an email on July 1st and said, "We ask that you avoid
> using our trademarks in a way that looks as if is
> the official website of the Pidgin IM client."  I haven't gotten any
> response.
> Next steps?

As per the whois directions, I just appealed today to the abuse contact
of the company responsible for that IP address with the concerns that it
is attempting to mislead visitors into thinking the site is official.

We'll see if they respond.


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